Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ugly Picture Challenge! UPDATE!

And the winner is... ME!!!

You didn't think that any of you are weird looking enough to beat me at my own disturbing game... did you? HAHA!

This is my Florida driver's license. I look like Andy Richter and Lindsay Lohan's love child. 

 +  = ME

Or that I ate this person...

What can I say? She looked weak and confused.

Pedro C.'s comment was my fave: "Where is my umbrella ya'll? I gotta beat up some paparazzi!"
Perhaps because it was the funniest or perhaps my quest to become like Britney has come full circle and my fans appreciate it.

Don't pout that you didn't win people. In a contest like this, everyone is a winner.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ugly Picture Challenge!

I am one of the most unphotogenic human beings the world has ever known. I can't even count the number of times I have taken a bad picture or how often my friends start "finding the most hideous picture of Brenna and post it all over the internet" contests. In light of that fact, and the fact that I am shameless when it comes to attention and funny things, I am going to show you my passport picture:

You're welcome.

I challenge any brave soul to try and one up this HIDEOUS picture. Your picture needs to be some kind of official ID, school ID, driver's license or passport. Not just some drunk picture your asshole buddies took of you. 
Email me at or send it to me via Facebook. I will update this blog and announce a winner.

Another challenge is who can write the funniest caption to this photo in the below comment section.

The prize, you ask? GLORY.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Be Funny or Die. Seriously.

Recently, I shot a bunch of skits/sketches/little videos to post on Funny or Die (and You Tube, etc.). It was so much fun and the only drawback is that I am not able to shoot more often because of schedules and work and bar hopping. When I was in college, I was able to create and execute lots of videos, movies and musical hoopla's and that was such a wonderful time because it was a way of living out my dream on a smaller scale.

Another perk to doing things like this is that in a strange way, I am able to exist in the same world as Will Ferrell. That is, without cold calling everyone in the greater Los Angeles area, becoming a pizza delivery chick near his neighborhood, and generally not breaking a bunch of laws by stalking him. I have idolized that man since such a young age and seeing him on SNL in the late 90s is what inspired me to become a comedian. Someone like him, so dedicated to the art form called comedy, inspires me every day to fight for what I believe in and he provides fighters such as myself a forum to do so.

I know a lot of people that work jobs just to pay the bills while waiting for their big break. Half of my LA friends are the very fashionable "starving artists" and the other half spend their daily daydreams on a life less traveled. Being that R&B music producer, becoming the hot shot lawyer that takes the courtroom by storm, or evolving into the pulitzer prize winning author of a harrowing autobiography.

To take away our creative outlets, whether it be our career of choice or our weekly pottery class, would be to take a large piece of our humanity away. We are creative creatures and we need to have that release. I realize that I fall toward the more severe end of the creative spectrum and the loss of my creativity would equal the loss of not only my mental well being but also my heart. I strive every day to achieve my passion and life's purpose and I encourage everyone to do so as well. While mine may be to make you laugh, yours might be your children or your community sports programs. Whose to say which one is more important or more relevant when a part of yourself is at stake?

Do not disregard your (day) dreams and remember that life is not meant to just be survived. And of course, keep your sense of humor. Life without laughter is no life at all. Seriously.