Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ugly Picture Challenge!

I am one of the most unphotogenic human beings the world has ever known. I can't even count the number of times I have taken a bad picture or how often my friends start "finding the most hideous picture of Brenna and post it all over the internet" contests. In light of that fact, and the fact that I am shameless when it comes to attention and funny things, I am going to show you my passport picture:

You're welcome.

I challenge any brave soul to try and one up this HIDEOUS picture. Your picture needs to be some kind of official ID, school ID, driver's license or passport. Not just some drunk picture your asshole buddies took of you. 
Email me at or send it to me via Facebook. I will update this blog and announce a winner.

Another challenge is who can write the funniest caption to this photo in the below comment section.

The prize, you ask? GLORY.


  1. yes im from the usa...and no i do not have cancer

  2. Wow... I deeply respect your commitment to comedy. I am speechless...but beyond my perplexity at the sight of this image and lack of theories as to how did this happened, I couldn't decide between all the possible captions to this pic. So here are the first few that rushed to my head. (My hideus pic is coming soon)

    1) I'll defeat you one day superman!

    2) Where is my umbrella ya'll? I gotta beat up some paparazzi!

    3) I was trying to make the drapes match the carpet.

    4) Natalie Portman pulled it off..I thought I could... -sigh

    5) I'm auditioning for a St. Jude's Hospital poster (I know. I'm fucked up)

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  4. You look like you just got the best news in your ten year prison sentence. You found out that Diablo Cody got busted and is going to be your cell mate.
    Wayne Polls